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Digital Advertising

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Digital Marketing for Canadian Dealerships

How will we deliver our promise?
It’s simple - we can see into the future. We know that a comprehensive web presence includes top positions in Google searches, effective search engine marketing, and custom built web pages which entice product requests and dealer contact.

We get it, it can be difficult to see how moving up a position or two in a Google search affects the sales floor. Did you know that two-thirds of shoppers research products online before purchasing in-store? Or that nearly 50% of people prefer shopping online to offline?

We have dedicated Search Specialists, Graphic Designers, Programmers, and Marketers working in unison to create effective strategies for our clients. Your customers are literally searching for your business right now. You’re an expert in your business, we’re an expert in ours. Let us do what we excel at so that you can spend more time running your dealership.

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Digital Marketing

Offering highly strategic and innovative digital solutions, Convertus has proven it has what it takes to consistently help dealers captivate and convert more business.

Organic Search

Organic Search, simply put, helps you get found

Modern day Organic Search places your site in front of interested customers – exactly where you want to be. Also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), helps your dealership get found. We use various effective strategies and techniques to place your website at the top of search engine results pages. This not only gets your business seen, it puts your name in front of interested customers.

Modern Organic Search is two parts science, one part art. Hard data and masterful content come together to get your business seen. Convertus has helped make dealerships all across North America more profitable by providing successful Organic Search solutions.

Paid Search

Paid Search delivers results today

86% of new car buyers start their search online. Will they be able to find your dealership? At Convertus, our Paid Search solutions help you establish your business as the clear choice for all of your customers’ automotive needs.

Paid Search, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), uses paid advertisements to place your website at the top of search engine results pages. Like Organic Search, it gets your business to the top of the page. But, unlike Organic, Paid Search provides you with immediate results. Think of it like a tap – turn it on and the traffic flows, turn it off and the traffic stops. Simple as that.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing solution that will make an immediate difference to your business, look no further than Paid Search. It’s fully trackable, transparent, and more cost-effective than older, more traditional forms of marketing.

Your advertisements are only shown to people who are looking for your product, and you’re only charged if they engage with you. It’s PPC at its finest! Put simply, it’s like a billboard advertiser giving you the signs for free, and only charging you when a customer contacts you after seeing the sign. Don’t play hide and seek with your leads, get found today with Paid Search!