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FCA Digital Certified Program

Digital Advertising

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EVOLIO truly understands Dealers’ needs and provides the best solutions to address them.

Reach more Buyers, more effectively, with the most powerful dealership advertising solution

We believe that a client should stay with us only because they are fully satisfied. Therefore, we impose no contract and charge no hidden fees. We enjoy being put to the test every day, and that’s why we want you to feel free to choose to partner with us at all times.

As a Google Premium Partner, EVOLIO is a leader in Canada in the field of search engine marketing (SEM) for automotive dealers. As certified SEM experts, we will guide you through the usage of 3 powerful tools (Facebook campaigns, Google AdWords and remarketing) to boost your digital campaign. You’ll also have a unique opportunity to get visibility on the Network.

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No contract. No hidden fees. No risk

Our EVOLIO team will make sure you’re staying with us because you’re entirely satisfied with our products and services and not because you’re bound by any contract. You can be certain you’ll never be taken for granted, and this promise pushes us as a provider to deploy all the required efforts to meet your business needs better than anyone else. Our pricing contains no additional fees, so you can make an informed decision with all the right data in hand, without having to commit yourself for a fixed period of time. Ask your Evolio representative!

A unique network

Influence consumers who are shopping for a car in your region, thanks to This Network is an advertising platform that includes a large number of websites, most of them in the automotive sector. Extend your reach and set yourself apart by being present on one of the most visible and viewed websites in the automotive sector.

Google AdWords Campaigns: Beyond The visibility

Our team, with a proven track record, will put together for you strategies and implement campaigns that work. We will provide support and analyze your data in order to give you better results: more leads! Our goal is to optimize keywords, ads and bids to deliver a better cost-per-click while generating leads for your business. Covering all the bases with an AdWords campaign is key to your success: Search campaigns that convert and increase visibility, remarketing/display campaigns and video campaigns that increase brand awareness go hand-in-hand to help you build your brand and traffic in your local market.

Remarketing: Targeting the right demographic

We leverage the Auto network to provide better results through the Google Display Network. We push the limits of this exceptional tool by offering the possibility of targeting online shoppers with relevant ads that meet their buying intentions (new cars, used cars or financing). If they’ve never visited your website, those who have seen your ads on will continue to see them on other sites in the Google Display Network giving you a large exposure!

Professional certified SEM manager

Our Team of passionate professionals is aware of the importance of being up-to-date on the latest SEM tools and trends, and this is why we aim to obtain the highest level of certification for campaign management, as shown by our Google Partner Status.

Customized optimization campaign

Tell us what your goal is, then let us offer you a turnkey service that includes banner creation according to manufacturers’ requirements. Our design team will create the right ad images that will allow you to gain attention and stand out, while respecting your manufacturer’s standards. You already have your creatives? No problem. We will be glad to integrate your upcoming promotions or offline strategic advertising in your EVOLIO digital campaigns.