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FCA Digital Certified Program

Digital Advertising

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Smarter Solutions, Better Results.

Search Optics specializes in fully-customized, integrated digital marketing solutions, that are backed by real marketing experts - we believe that, while technology can do wonders, nothing compares to real people dedicating their focus and attention your brand's digital presence. With one-of-a-kind strategies that are actively managed and continuously optimized, we provide a premium level of human interaction - which we call class-leading marketing technology backed by real people — that has led us to make more of our partners top brand performers.

With a client base of over 3,000 customers worldwide, Search Optics has offices across the globe, including in North America, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and Brazil. Celebrating 20 years of business in 2018, Search Optics has earned its status as a leader in global digital marketing. For more information, please visit You can follow Search Optics on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Managed paid search

Driver higher-quality leads and optimize search performance to lower cost-per-lead with our consistent campaign management.

  • Defend your FCA brand from competitors
  • Expand reach to more search engines (Bing, Yahoo)
  • Capture audiences looking for your dealer name
  • Promote latest products and offers
  • Serve Geo targeted ads for local optimization
  • Focus on lead generation

Display & Video Advertising

Targeted specific audiences with incentive based creative to drive vehicle purchases.

  • Target in-market shoppers using powerful data segments like POLK
  • Retarget site visitors
  • Deliver ads across thousands of sites and apps
  • Drive traffic to vehicle specials or inventory pages
  • Deliver shopping actions and inventory views
  • Target users who have been to your dealership or competing dealerships
  • Tie impressions from Display and Video campaigns to vehicle sales

Social Advertising

Engage audiences and deliver precision targeted ads at every stage of the purchase process to reach shoppers where they spend more than 25% of their time.

  • Target in-market automotive intenders near you, using Polk data and Facebook interest insights
  • Serve highly-effective and cost-efficient campaigns to generate demand
  • Develop personalized strategies and unique content
  • Leverage cutting edge strategies drive leads into your CRM seamlessly and in real-time
  • Add social reputation management to get 6x greater results and 20% higher click through rates.

Local search

Help users find you while on the go and protect your brand where it counts.

  • Develop an audience/user-focused strategy
  • Create unique, engaging and valuable content
  • Technical SEO to ensure a solid foundation
  • Optimize on-page SEO (metadata, headers, internal links)
  • Analyze keywords to develop a targeted strategy
  • Improve your biggest lead driver with SEO