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Digital Advertising

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Online Advertising Solutions

We are a Google Premier Partner and work directly with both Google and Facebook to make sure that we can deliver a wide variety of solutions to meet every VW dealers needs regardless of size or market. We offer a comprehensive online advertising solution which covers:

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Paid Search Advertising

Place your dollars where they multiply

Paid Search Advertising is the process of gaining traffic by purchasing ads on search engines, such as Google. It is sometimes referred to as CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) marketing—and here’s the beauty of it—you only pay when your ad is clicked.

Not only do you only pay for the ads which are clicked, but we also target your search ads to specific geographic locations, during certain seasonal events or high-performing times of the day, and to users of a specific age, gender, or shared interest. What does this mean? It means your advertising budget goes further than ever before; makes every lead a warm one, and for less! Our Paid Search program is geared to support the overarching marketing efforts surrounding your website. Through sites like Google, YouTube, and Bing, we’ll find your customers and bring them to your online inventory and lead forms.

What do our Paid Search Services include?

  • Accounts structured specifically towards automotive dealer goals
  • Campaigns created based on higher level topics and ad groups segmented into tightly related themes
  • Custom keyword analysis and ongoing research, helping Google rank your ads higher
  • Custom ad copy for each ad group, and regular A/B testing to ensure the higher performing ads are spotted and reused, while the lower-performing ones are dropped
  • Transparent monthly reporting and review with a Google Certified analyst and co-op statements (if needed)
  • PPC competitive analysis and monthly account audits
  • Geo-targeting and ad scheduling to ensure full utilization of your daily budget
  • PPC landing pages according to ad group themes

Display Advertising

Bring traffic your way

People don’t just search for cars online; they are also busy shopping, looking for recipes and more. Not sure where your potential customers do their vehicle research online? Leave that to our PPC (pay per click) team.

We use two methods to get your image ads clicked on by the most qualified people: 1. Within relevant keyword content that your audience is reading 2. On web pages important to the car industry and your dealership

Our display services include:

  • Geo-targeting and scheduling to best optimize your budget
  • Monthly reporting and performance check-ups
  • Contextually target your customers by interest
  • Custom Placements
  • Original Graphics & Design
  • Custom copy in three available ad sizes

We’re seriously committed to online advertising and know what it takes for you to develop a strong, cost-effective campaign.

Our remarketing services include:

  • Geo-targeting and scheduling to best optimize your budget
  • Monthly reporting and performance check-ups
  • Custom copy in three available ad sizes

Remarketing Advertising

Show them what they want to see

With so many distractions and auto brands competing for buyers online, remarketing ads allow the perfect opportunity to re-engage and sell to the people most likely to buy from your dealership: those who have previously researched your cars and services.

Facebook Advertising

Reach them where they are

Built for so much more than cat photos and Likes. In Canada, 1 in 4 minutes spent on mobile are spent on Facebook and Instragram. That is a lot of minutes that users could be spending viewing your ads!

There are over 21 million people on Facebook in Canada. Out of these 21 million people, 16 million are on Facebook every day. If you are surprised by those numbers, you should be even more surprised that very few dealers are taking advantage of this platform for their advertising.

Especially after learning about these engaging types of ads that Facebook offers:

  • Lead ads – it takes 38.5% longer to fill out a form on a mobile device. That is no longer a concern thanks to Facebook lead ads! Lead ads pre-populate your lead forms using the information Facebook already has about that user.
  • Video ads – as your potential customer is scrolling through their newsfeed, catch their eye with an engaging video ad.
  • Carousel ads – showcase 3-5 images of vehicles, services, or specials that you would like to highlight. Users can scroll through the images and click the one that appeals to them, taking them right to the appropriate page on your site. Convenient!
  • Canvas ads – canvas ads act as a miniature version of your site within Facebook. You can build your canvas ad with videos, still images, and CTAs. This type of ad is a blank canvas – literally – that lets you get creative with your advertising!

Hyper (re)Targeting

You may have heard of similar products to Hyper (re)Targeting offered by mobility companies. They’re great options if you only want to target their customers on their network, but our solution allows you to target virtually anyone.

With so many distractions and auto brands competing for buyers online, remarketing ads allow the perfect opportunity to re-engage and sell to the people most likely to buy from your dealership: those who have previously researched your cars and services.

We utilize data from 10 North American programmatic exchanges which increases our reach capability, as well as provides us with more in-depth behavioral and geographical data.

Way Beyond Traditional

Traditional SEM allows you to target specific market segments, devices and even FSAs but Hyper (re)Targeting takes it to the next level. In fact, it can take you as close as a 50-meter radius!

Any Device, Any AD Type.

Not only can you target virtually anyone, anywhere, but you can do so with Display, Remarketing, or Mobile Advertising!

Conquesting Made Easy

Target customers in your dealership, your competitor’s dealership, and even specific neighbourhoods down to a few houses


Having a website is great - unless customers can’t find it when they look for you. Our goal is to help you satisfy searcher intent by optimizing your website structure so that you can have greater visibility in search engine results, to build relevant content to ensure that you provide a positive user experience once customers get there. Informed customers make better decisions, so let’s make it apparent that the best decision is to do business with your dealership.

Review & Reputation Management

In order for dealerships to be competitive in the marketplace, their customers need to be able to find them online before they find the next dealership. Visibility in local search is crucial, and the ranking factors for local search extend past what is on your dealership’s website. Our Review & Reputation Management package is intended to help resolve three major ranking factors by claiming and optimizing your dealership’s Google My Business listing, cleaning up your citations and additional listings across the web, and helping to maintain your dealership’s online reputation on Google, Facebook, Yelp and more.

Social Media Management

With more than 18,000,000 Canadians active on social media every single day, it’s more important than ever for your dealership to ensure that they’re also being seen on those same platforms. In addition to the services included in our Review & Reputation Management package, setting up Social Media Management with Strathcom Media will ensure that unique posts are being sent out 4 times per week on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to supplement your dealership’s internal efforts on each social media platform.

Content Marketing Packages

Relevance to a searcher’s query is the number one ranking factor in search for your dealership, but in order to demonstrate relevance, you need to have unique, optimized content being published on your dealership’s website on a regular basis. Writing, designing and optimizing quality blog posts and landing pages on a weekly basis for your dealership is a time-consuming task, and can be a huge undertaking with no results if you aren’t targeting your content based on what your customers are searching. Let Strathcom Media’s team of content strategists work with you to build out a content marketing strategy that matches your dealership’s internal goals with what your customers are looking for online, and then execute that editorial calendar with as little work on your end as possible.